Aim Vision Prayer

School Vision

To create a learning environment based on Catholic Faith which empowers students and staff to achieve their potential as individuals within the wider community.

Graduate Statement

A Graduate of John Therry Catholic College is:

  1. A person who is dedicated to spiritual, physical, emotional, academic and social growth.
  2. A person who is guided by the Holy Spirit to show wisdom, humility and respect in their actions and words; a person of hope, patience and gratitude.
  3. A person of presence and integrity, who shares their beliefs with courage and conviction.
  4. A person who, in the way of Mary, is empathetic, inclusive and compassionate.
  5. A person who is genuine, honest, ethical and confident in their actions and words embodying the value of simplicity.
  6. A person who is a curious, reflective and creative thinker; an enthusiastic, educated lifelong learner.
  7. A person who is a responsible, active citizen; an advocate who labours for justice, peace and prosperity.
  8. A person who has a love of work and who strives to reach their full potential using their God-given talents.
  9. A person of faith who is the hands and face of Christ to all they meet, creating a family spirit within their community.

School Aim

John Therry as a Catholic School aims to assist each student achieve his/her spiritual, academic, sporting and social potential.

School Prayer

Lord God, you instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit.
Grant us by this same Spirit to know, love, and relish what is right and just and to rejoice continually in Your blessing.

School Creed

We believe in the loving power of God to guide and protect us in life’s journey.
We believe we are the hands and face of Jesus Christ to others in our world.
We believe we can change the world by our words and actions.
We are grateful that our faith and education will bring joy and hope to others and ourselves.
We believe we can gain wisdom and strength from the lives of Saints and Holy people.
We believe we should pray for one another through Mary, to Jesus.