Welcome to a new era in Careers Education at John Therry Catholic College and indeed the whole of the CEO Wollongong System.

Over the past 3 years, a program of careers education across years 7-10 has been developed through CEO lead consultation, a Steering Committee and a Pilot program. 

All CEO Wollongong Secondary Colleges are now using this program,

Transition and Pathway Program (TaPP)

 led at each College by the Transition and Pathways Specialists (TaPS).

At John Therry Catholic College Mr Margerison will be the TaPS.

The CEDoW program

  • 1 lesson per term per year group across 7-10 in the Thursday Pastoral Period. 
  • This results in 4 lessons a year per year group
  • A total of 16 lessons across 7 -10 for this Program

The Program is divided into the areas shown below.


Personal Discovery

Who I Am’


Career Exploration

‘Me at Work’


Career Discovery

‘World of Work’


Career Building

‘What’s my game plan

An Outline of the Implementation Process

The Transition and Pathways Program will make use of “The Jobjump” program which ALL year groups have access to by logging on using the details outlined in their Year Group Google Classroom Page. (Parents/Carers are encouraged to have their child log in to “The Jobjump” at home and discuss the areas outlined.)

The initial log on establishes a basic plan of student thoughts, at this time, about their future direction. Students are able to update this as these thoughts change. 

The First stage is the “Careers Wiz Quiz” section which aims to give each student an indication of their Preferred Area given their responses to a range of questions. 

The Profile suggests a list of Industries and work within those industries that may suit the student. 

The Profiling results will be used in the year group sessions to explore the different areas of the TaPP program for the different year groups with exercises that can be saved, once completed, back to the program or saved to the year group Google classroom page.

The aim of the Program is to have students understand:

Who Am I’


‘Where am I Headed’

in order to make informed choices and have a positive outlook as to their future in areas such as Subject Selection, Decisions about Post Year 10, Further Education and Overall Life Direction.

I look forward to continued engagement in this initiative.

Year 11 and Year 12 

Students in these years are able to interact with the TaPS/Careers advisor either on Tuesday afternoon study sessions or by attending the TaPS/Careers office

Information is dispersed regularly via Email, Compass and Year group Google Classroom pages. 

The College/Jobjump Careers Newsletter is distributed to Students and Parents/Carers on a regular basis via Compass.

The TaPS/Careers Room is available to students Before Lessons, Recess and Lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Mr L. Margerison
Transition and Pathways Specialist