What do you do if?

If this happens…..

Do this…...

You are late to College

Go straight to Student Services to be signed in.

You need to leave College early

Your parent should email or phone Student Services (studentservices@jtccdow.catholic.edu.au). Your parent must attend the Office to sign you out at the time of departure.

You are (or will be) absent from College for one or more whole days

Your parent should enter the absence via the Compass portal including attaching any relevant documentation such as doctor’s certificates.

You need to take medication whilst at College

Go to Student Services.

You cannot participate in sport

Your parent should email the Sports Coordinator and/ or your Learning Group mentor.

You are absent for an assessment task or submit a task late

Refer to the Assessment Policy and Procedure section on the College website.

You need to pay money for an item or event

Most funds should be paid electronically. For any cash transactions, please attend the Finance office.

You receive a lunchtime detention

Attend A1 at the commencement of lunch on the allocated date. Lunch detentions run from 1pm to 1.15pm.

You receive an afternoon detention

Attend A1 at the conclusion of sport on the allocated Tuesday. Afternoon detention runs from 2.45pm to 3.15pm on Tuesdays.

You have an issue with your uniform

Your parent should email your Learning Group mentor and/ or your Year Coordinator.

You lose a personal item

Go to Student Services.

You find some lost property

Take it to Student Services.

You become unwell during the College day

With the permission of your current classroom teacher, you should go to Student Services.

You have a problem with a particular subject

First speak with your classroom teacher and/ or the relevant KLA Coordinator. If the issue remains unresolved your parent may also make phone or email contact with these staff.

Your parents need to contact you during the College day

Your parent should phone the office and a message will be directed to you.

You need to contact your parents during the College day

Go to Student Services.

You need to contact a teacher

Go to Student Services.