John Therry Catholic College has a strong sporting culture and heritage and we look to include all students in our sporting pursuits and opportunities. John Therry Catholic College aims to foster a healthy culture of physical activity and ensure our sporting and activities programs are for all, regardless of the student’s experience and skill level. Our different programs aim to increase and enhance student’s skills and abilities across a wide variety of physical activity pursuits and sports in order to assist students to develop a positive attitude towards lifelong physical activity and healthy habits. We also cater for individual and team sporting pathways and representative sport that allow students to achieve their personal best in their given sport. 

Sport and physical activity opportunities are a recommended structure to exist in all schools in order to provide students with consistent health benefits and education in sport, physical activity and wellness. To satisfy these requirements, John Therry Catholic College conducts sport and recreational activities every Tuesday afternoon from 12.35 – 2.40pm. In addition, College based carnivals in Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and Jack Crawford Games will be held on school days throughout the year. These sporting activities are all part of the normal College routine. However, we do require your permission to allow your child to participate in these activities. Permission notes with further details of each of the major carnivals will be distributed closer to the event dates via the Compass Portal.

College sport and activities will be conducted at locations on and outside the school premises. External venues require travel to indoor sports centres and recreational grounds, such as Thomas Acres Reserve, whilst representative MISA (Macarthur Independent Schools’ Association)  sport teams may be required to travel to other Macarthur based Schools and associated MISA venues. The MISA sport draw will require travel to venues by bus. Students who are walking to and from venues are required to follow road safety rules, e.g. wait with their teacher and only cross the road when instructed by a member of staff. 

Throughout the year students may nominate to trial for these MISA representative teams that compete against other local Macarthur Catholic, Anglican or Independent High Schools on Tuesday afternoons. If successful at trials in their selected sport, students will represent the school each Tuesday afternoon around various venues within the Macarthur area for the given season. If students are selected into a MISA team they will be expected to attend regular training sessions as advised by the team coach.

MISA also has a number of cultural activities throughout the year, including debating, dance, chess, golf, drama and public speaking.

How to trial for MISA: Trials for MISA are held at the beginning and end of the term during Tuesday afternoon sport. Nominations are collected via the designated coach at the trials. The MISA coach runs through a series of activities, drills and game pieces to select the best representatives of JTCC. Being selected in a MISA team is a privilege, and students are expected to follow the MISA players code of conduct. Students who fail to abide by these rules shall be withdrawn from their sport/activity and may have other consequences in line with our relevant policies. There are a wide range of MISA sports available throughout the year, and students are encouraged to try out for those that they are interested in/having experience with.  This year we have the opportunity, pending numbers, to enter a second team into division two.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: It is recommended that students wear appropriate safety equipment and sportswear for protection during participation in the various sports offered. E.g. cross-trainer runners, mouth guards, shin pads, head gear etc. AFL and Rugby League enforce the compulsory requirement of a mouthguard.

SPORT UNIFORM: It is an expectation that students wear their full sports uniform to and from the College on a Tuesday and whilst participating in their sport and activities (as per the College’s sports uniform policy). For sun protection it is an expectation that students bring and wear their College hat to all sporting activities. 

MISA UNIFORM: Specific MISA uniform pieces are for sale that are required throughout the year. These include football socks, AFL/rugby shorts, general shorts and Oztag shorts. These can be purchased at the finance office and collected from the Sports Office. Sports specific tops  are provided on the day when required. These are not to be worn during the day on Tuesday or for any other practical lessons. MISA athletes are required to change into their uniform at the start of lunch on Tuesday or at the competition venue.

ILLNESS/INJURY: The only exception to the above sporting arrangements is for students who are genuinely ill. These students should be provided with a parental note explaining their illness and this note needs to be signed by the Sports Coordinator prior to the commencement of sport on a Tuesday afternoon. When possible, the Sport Coordinator will assign the student an alternate role/duty for the duration of sport (for eg, scorer, timekeeper etc). 

College, Diocesan and CCC Sporting Opportunities 

As mentioned previously, students at John Therry are given the opportunity to represent John Therry at College, Diocesan and CCC sporting events. Important information regarding each of these sporting opportunities is distributed at the beginning of the year.

Diocesan Sporting Opportunities 

This is the main school sporting pathway that is offered to students at John Therry Catholic College. Some John Therry CC Diocesan teams are determined through trials, or a carnival hosted at a college  level (Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming), however some teams are determined by individual trials that students must nominate and register for online. Further information can be found at:

NSWCCC Sporting Opportunities

NSWCCC is another school sporting pathway that is offered to students at John Therry Catholic College. Some CCC teams are determined through qualifying at a carnival hosted at a Diocesan level (Athletics, Cross Country, Football, Rugby League, Swimming, Basketball, Touch Football), however some teams are determined by individual trials that students must nominate and register for online. Students must be currently competing at a representative level in their chosen sport to be considered for CCC team trials.The sports that require online nomination and registration include: 

  • AFL

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Cricket

  • Diving

  • Golf

  • Hockey

  • Rugby

  • Softball

  • Tennis

  • Triathlon

  • Volleyball

  • Water Polo

  • Netball

It is important that online registration is completed before the closing date for each sport. These are outlined on the CSNSW website: 

2024 Tuesday Sport and Activities Selection Process 

Year 7 and 8

Students in Year 7 and 8 participate as a year group in a number of activities run by John Therry Catholic College Staff and external providers. The objectives for Year 7 and 8 Sport is:

  • Be active 

  • Participation 

  • Teamwork  

Sports and activities will work on a rotation system that is term based and is compulsory for all students in Year 7 and 8.  Students will participate on school grounds or at Thomas Acres Reserve, which is within walking distance of the school. If participating at Thomas Acres Reserve, students will be escorted by school staff on designated footpaths. Students are still under John Therry Catholic College policy and behaviour expectations.

Year 9 and 10 

Students in Years 9 and 10 are given the responsibility to select a sport group / program. Selections should be based on personal interest and physical activity needs. It is important that students select their sport group wisely to ensure they gain as much as possible from the Tuesday Sport Program, which is compulsory.

Recreational Sport options will work on a rotation system, with students given the opportunity to rotate through 8 activities within the year to meet the 200 hours of physical activity that students must complete in stage 5 of High School. Students will be transported via chartered bus or will be located on school grounds. 

Nominations for these activities will be completed via an online Google Form at the end of each year for the following year. Information regarding the available activities can be found below. 

Once students have selected their sport group and rolls have been finalised on the timetable, the aim is to minimise any changes in 2024 unless absolutely necessary. 

Students who trial in MISA must still select a group, as they will participate in this group when they are not competing in MISA.

Sports Program and Specialist Groups Schedule

Specialist Groups 

In the last few years John Therry is steadily increasing the opportunities for extracurricular interests. These specialist groups are run during Tuesday Sport by some of our passionate staff. Please see below a list of some of the available specialist groups.

*Groups will be finalised in Term 1 based on student interest and staff availability


Year Groups 

Running during term


7 - 10 

1 - 4


7 - 10

1 - 4


7 - 10

1 - 4 

Biodiversity and Sustainability 

7 - 10

1 - 4 

Iconic Nerd

8 - 10

1 - 4

JT Fitness 

8 - 10

1 - 4

Games & Strategy 

8 - 10

1 - 4