Learning Technology

John Therry Catholic College is a technology-rich College, which integrates technology into all aspects of learning and teaching. We believe our students should be equipped to deal with the digital world in which we live. We are committed to providing students with innovative and engaging learning opportunities focused on meeting the present and future needs for our students. We utilise digital technology as a tool to enhance their creativity and critical thinking skills so that the learning outcomes are presented with depth and quality. To achieve this, John Therry has implemented a comprehensive Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for all students from Year 7 through to Year 12. This is a compulsory program and is a condition of enrolment at the College.

BYOD in the Classroom

The adoption of the BYOD program at John Therry Catholic College has extended the learning environment from the physical constraints of the classroom to give our students the capability to collaborate, share information and experiences, work across disciplines and take control of their learning. Students and teachers now have access to a range of tools and facilities which assist in making learning a more fulfilling and engaging experience.

The BYOD program is supported by technology-equipped classrooms including Apple TVs, wireless internet access and highly trained staff, allowing digital technology to be integrated across the curriculum in a limitless number of exciting and engaging ways. We use a combination of digital and paper textbooks and integrate many internet or cloud-based services into the daily student experience. All faculties are committed to developing increased integration with the BYOD program over the coming years.

We understand the purchase of a device is a major decision and a has a significant expense on families, John Therry Catholic College has taken strides to integrate device use into many aspects of teaching and learning. As such, your investment allows the College to maximise learning outcomes for your child and for all students. Any student commencing enrollment at the College are expected to bring a suitable device as listed below.

Students have access to their learning and resources anywhere via Compass and Google Apps for Education Suite, which provides a flexible, secure and personalised learning environment. Parents also have access to information about their child's learning via the Parent Portal.

Click on the link below for more information regarding our Responsible Use of Information Technology Policy.

Research indicates that using technology in the College setting results in students who are more active, engaged, and more likely to take pride and ownership in their learning. Regular technology use will increase self-advocacy skills including seeking assistance, conducting research, problem-solving, and communication. Student confidence will grow as they rely less on the teacher and more on their own initiative for knowledge-creation.

Creating content for a larger audience provides students with an authentic purpose; they will be motivated to edit, revise and produce a higher quality of work. Through the students’ use of digital tools, the focus of activity will shift from teachers to students. Inquiry-based, student-directed methods will replace lecture-based methods. Learners will be more active as they solve problems, answer questions, brainstorm, work in teams, debate, and formulate questions of their own. Interactive tools, digital resources, and creation/production tools will enable deeper study. Teachers will be better able to modify, extend and individualize digital content based on student need.

By introducing the 1:1 program John Therry Catholic College aims to support all students in improving student engagement, participation and achievement. Laptops are a powerful tools for collaboration, active participation, critical thinking, innovation and discovery. They allow students to personalise their learning to suit their individual needs, abilities and interests.

Parents may choose to purchase their child’s 1:1 device from a retailer of their own choosing. Students are expected to bring their own device to College every day. The College requests that every student have a case, bag or sleeve to protect their device and a set of headphones for use when listening to multimedia resources in order to minimise noise levels in classes.

As our students progress into senior College it is important that our students have the technology to do the very best that they can. As some subjects have major works and other highly demanding tasks, it is important that students have access to various software and better processors.

John Therry Catholic College has partnered with HP (a major PC manufacturer) and EducomIT (the preferred Apple supplier for the Diocese of Wollongong) which as allowed access to special pricing not available in standard retail environments. This will give you a better choice on curated devices that we have sighted and tested ensuring they meet the demands of College life at John Therry. 

As always you are encouraged to consider all your options before making a decision. Please read our article on What Device Should You Buy and if you have further questions you are highly encouraged to speak with the Colleges friendly IT Staff. You can contact us on help@jtccdow.catholic.edu.au

Here are the links to our preferred vendors for sales of curated devices. You are not required to use these vendors however, we highly encourage to use them as we can also provide additional support for you.