Brother Clarence Library

The Brother Clarence Library opened it’s doors in 1984 and has since been the central hub of the school. Over the last few years it has undergone significant changes to further support our students in the digital world. In our Library you will find:

  • Fiction books including novels, short stories, Manga and Graphic Novels
  • Non-fiction such as textbooks and other learning resources.
  • Plenty of space to suit the needs of our students (independent study and group study).
  • New technology to support the learning of our students
  • A printer for all assessment tasks.
  • Lockable charging bay for students to charge their devices.
  • Homework help is available Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, where teachers are available to help students with assessment queries.

Due to our BYOD policy the students have access to a number of great resources from home including:

  • Learnpath Guides: A place where students can find all information on a topic studied in class.
  • Oliver: Our library has a homepage that students can search for resources from home to see what is available.
  • Clickview: Our online platform that has a collection of video resources for each KLA that students can access.
  • Sora: Our Ebook platform that allows students to borrow books as well as audio books online. 

Our Library is open from 8:00am till 4:30pm every Monday to Thursday and until 3.30pm on Fridays. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback you can contact us at