Our Uniform

Students are expected to take pride in their appearance, be pleasant, courteous and good ambassadors for the College while setting the highest possible standard of dress at all times.

The College uniform is compulsory for all students attending John Therry Catholic College.

Only items listed are to be worn to College.

  • When wearing the uniform, students are expected to be in full College or sport uniform – not a mixture of both.
  • Students who are out of uniform for a good reason are to present a note to be signed and dated by the Learning Mentor from their parents/guardians noting the reason. Students are to carry this note with them for the remainder of the College day.
  • Where possible all items of College uniform should be clearly marked with the student’s name and Learning Group.
  • Sport uniform is to be worn on Sport days or on the day of a PDH/PE practical class only. Students are required to wear a College hat for all sport activities and practical PDH/PE lessons.

For our full Uniform policy please click on the link below.

General Standards

No rings, bracelets, bangles or friendship bands are permitted as they present safety hazards.

The only visible jewellery permitted is a wristwatch.

Girls may also wear 1 pair of gold or silver studs or small sleepers worn with one earring in each lower earlobe.

Facial or other piercings are not permitted. Students are not permitted to wear clear plastic jewellery in prohibited piercings. Students who attend College with a prohibited piercing will be excluded from College until such time as the jewellery in the piercing is removed.

The uniform is to be cared for, washed, pressed and repaired when necessary.

Students are not to come to College in dirty uniforms or uniforms in need of repair. Please contact the College for assistance with uniform if required.

Shoes must be kept clean and polished. 

The College blazer is compulsory during Terms 2 and 3 and when representing the College.

The jumper and blazer must be worn with the sleeves down at all times. Only the regulation jumper is to be worn at College.

College hat or cap – black with College emblem is to be worn to and from College in Terms 1 and 4 and when in the sun at all times.

In addition to the winter uniform a scarf of plain black, white or bottle green colour may also be worn. No other colours will be accepted.

JTCC Uniforms shown below are available for purchase at Macarthur Square Lowes. Availability of sizes may vary.

For a full Uniform price list please click on the link below.